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  • map_multi_01_full

    Left deserted when local oil fields were depleted, this sprawling refinery is made of concrete and corrugated tin. Empty structures provide plenty of places to hide, while a dry pipeline cuts a clear path through the center of the complex.

    map_multi_01_thumb Pipeline
  • map_multi_02_full

    Merchants have abandoned this once-vibrant shopping district as too dangerous. Brick buildings and wide city streets frame clear firefight zones, at least for those unwilling to risk cutting through shops and back alleys.

    map_multi_02_thumb Market
  • map_multi_03_full

    Once an overpass on the road to nowhere, this stretch of highway came crashing down in a seriously bad neighborhood. With stairwells leading up to exposed sniping positions, there's as much danger above the streets as on them.

    map_multi_03_thumb Overpass
  • map_multi_04_full

    A maze of cranes and shipping containers, the docks are easy to hide in and hard to control. Under grey skies, the forest of obstructions harbors hidden enemies, unseen until they pull the trigger.

    map_multi_04_thumb Harbor
  • map_multi_05_full

    Hijacked on the high seas, this ship is a floating powder keg. With containers stacked from bow to stern, the deck is custom-made for ambushes. Inside, the narrow corridors and steep stairwells promise combat at deadly close range.

    map_multi_05_thumb Cargo
  • map_multi_06_full

    Rising above the waves, this drilling platform is built with no margin for error. Exposed catwalks can dominate the rig's deck, but offer no cover - and from up there, it's a long way down.

    map_multi_06_thumb Rig
  • map_multi_07_full

    Visibility drops to near zero as howling winds and blinding sand sweep across this refugee camp. Crates and prefab structures offer some cover, but there's nowhere to hide from the storm.

    map_multi_07_thumb Sand Storm
  • map_multi_08_full

    Buried and forgotten beneath the Siberian wastelands, this underground bunker still endures. Cold War-era construction makes for monstrously large spaces, and endless tunnels ensure there's always an enemy lurking around the bend.

    map_multi_08_thumb Underground
  • map_multi_09_full

    Located in a peaceful village, the old mill site offers peace, quiet and relaxation - and sturdy buildings with thick stone walls for cover. On the fringes, creeping wilderness provides a wealth of possible ambush sites.

    map_multi_09_thumb Mill
  • map_multi_10_full

    An unlikely transfer point for a stolen warhead, this empty factory looms large. Long sightlines criss-cross the decaying industrial structures, as abandoned pallets and equipment provide both obstacle and cover.

    map_multi_10_thumb Alpha

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