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The Beta is Live

Thursday, April 19, 2012 07:00:00

The Beta Starts NOW!

The wait is over: the Multiplayer Beta you have all been waiting for is now live.

Check out our two Beta Tutorial videos and become the predator and not the prey.

Beta Tutorial video #1: Maps and Modes

Beta Tutorial video #2: Classes and Equipment

Ghost Recon Network

The Ghost Recon Network is a FREE companion service launching alongside the Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer beta. Upon joining the GRFS beta, you will be granted early access to the Ghost Recon Network and be able to test out its features including: weapon customization on the go, access to stats and heatmaps, and much more. This beta version of the Ghost Recon Network will be available on the web and through the Android mobile app. Please have a look at the Ghost Recon Network Q&A.

Important: once in the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta, do not forget to link your console to your Uplay account via the Uplay menu. This is essential to sync all your weapon customizations and stats between your console and the cloud.

Beta Known Issues

If you are experiencing any issues with the Beta, you should check our list of known issues and workarounds here.

For any other issues, including Beta keys, please contact our Tech Support and we'll be able to assist.

Feedback Submission

Because you are beta-testing Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer: your opinion is very important in helping us improve the game. Please remember that this software is in a Beta and does not fully represent the final product.

Feedback forms will be available soon, with the opportunity to gain an exclusive badge for the Ghost Recon Network.

Multiplayer Beta Guide

If you missed yesterday’s announcement, be sure to check out our Beta Guide.

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