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Wednesday, May 30, 2012 11:00:00

Get more from your game. With Uplay you can get extra Ghost Recon Future Soldier content by playing any Uplay enabled Ubisoft game. The more you play, the more you win!

Uplay Rewards

Connect to Uplay to unlock them.

- Ghost Recon Future Soldier Theme

Unlock the GRFS theme by spending 10 Uplay Units. To earn 10 Uplay units in Ghost Recon Future Soldier, you have to complete the first Campaign mission.

- Two for One decision - weapon customization

Unlock a Two for one decision point, used to unlock both items at a decision point in Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer, by spending 20 Uplay units. To earn 20 Uplay units in GRFS, you must complete the entire campaign. Note: This is only valid for one decision on one MP character. This works for weapon only (level 20 or level 32).

- M60 & RPK 74M Assault Rifles

Unlock the M60 and RPK 74M assault rifles for use in GRFS by spending 30 Uplay Units. To earn 30 Uplay units in GRFS, you must complete a Friend Challenge.

- New Guerrilla Mode Map: Rooftops

Unlock the “Rooftops” map for use in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s Guerrilla Mode by spending 40 Uplay Units. To earn 40 Uplay units in GRFS, you must reach Level 10 on one Rifleman, one Scout, and one Engineer character.

Your exclusive access to Ghost Recon Network

Take advantage of your Uplay account, access the Ghost Recon Network from anywhere, anytime, for free! View your stats or squad information, customize your gun in the cloud and get exclusive rewards across Future Soldier and other Ghost Recon games! Do this from the web, or on the go with our free Ghost Recon Network mobile app, available here: super sweet free app here!

Uplay Passport

Ghost Recon Future Soldier comes with a unique code that, when redeemed, grants you access to the full online multiplayer experience, bonus content, and access to the Ghost Recon Network. In instances where your game’s Uplay Passport has already been redeemed (such as if you’ve bought a used copy of a game) you will be able to purchase a new Uplay Passport code online.

Uplay Avatar

Customize your Uplay avatar! More information here.



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