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Your Questions, Our Answers #4


Hi Ghosts!

As usual, we’re going to answer another round of questions you asked on Facebook, Twitter, our forum or our brand-new Google+ page. This Q&A has been made in partnership with The Alpha Syndicate. Go to their website for more!


In co-op, will there be multiple points of insertion like the previous build of Future Soldier from last year's E3? (EX: One of your team members sniping high in buildings while you control close combat)

Yes, some situations will have the team split. For example at some point two Ghosts will be on the ground defending a HVT near a blown up car, and 2 other Ghosts will be in an helicopter providing cover fire.

Will last man standing make its triumphant return?

We don't have Last Man Standing, but we ARE bringing back the multiplayer mode Siege, which is a lot like Last Man Standing with the addition of a central objective that has to be defended. We find it focuses the match and creates a stronger sense of team play. (In case you don’t know/remember the rules of Siege, one team spawns in a central location and has to defend an objective. The attackers are deployed randomly around the outside of the map. You have only a single life, there are no respawns!)

In the build I played, the “confidence system” allowed your team to progress through hacking intel at a much faster rate, which is amazing. What will be other ways that you are encouraging team play or what are other situations where confidence will make a difference?

In addition to speeding up the objective capture rate, Confidence also affects the hacking speed for Data Hacking -- so if you have a teammate nearby when you stun someone it can be a big asset. (Data Hacking is the action of stealing the enemy team’s positional intel from a stunned enemy.) We have a number of other systems that encourage team play -- we've got intel and suppression, for starters. Getting intel for your team makes it a lot easier to set up a shot, and tools like the UAV allow you to perform in a dedicated support role in this regard. Suppression allows a rifleman to keep a target pinned down, which gives his teammates time to flank the enemy. We've also got tools like the Coordination System which allows players to mark objectives, enemy targets, or call for support. Finally, items like ammo boxes and med kits can make a crucial difference for a well-organized team, especially in non-respawn game types.

Will there be a leveling up system to get be equipment or will you have access to all weapons and equipment from jump, like previous iterations.

We've got both a rank progression system -- where you can unlock equipment and weapons based on leveling up -- and an "open" system, where everyone has access to everyone. You get the best of both worlds: unlocks in the Public matchmaking for those of you that like them, and access to everything in Private matches for those who don't!

The third person in Recon has allowed people to hide behind objects and manipulate the camera around to see behind objects that would normally not seen. Is there going to be a way to counter this, like maybe areas that should not be seen from your soldiers perspective in gray? This prevents people from hiding and using the camera to see around objects and then popping up or out and shooting.

We've carefully balanced all aspects of cover to make a fun game. As you know, we CONSTANTLY run play tests with people from all over the world. In terms of "camera cheating", popping out from cover isn't the problem you expect, as there's a short stabilization period whenever you move your weapon around, and the various equipment and weapons mean that you've got the tools you need to solve this problem. To be honest, so far we haven't seen one dominant strategy emerge. You're not going to be able to just spam grenades or camp in cover for the win. You're going to need tactics, teamwork, and good control of your weapon in order to dominate in this game!

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Antoine Emond - Community Developer

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