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Multiplayer Beta – April 27th Update

As part of our dedication to showing you that your feedback is directly helping the development teams, we will release today at 2pm EST a new update for the Xbox 360* version of the Beta:

Riflemen are over-powered:

  • · Increased minimum recoil for the ACR and AK200 to align them more closely with the other assault rifles.
  • · Reduced maximum assault rifle damage range, making the sniper rifle more valuable.
  • · Increased minimum damage of SMGS, making them more effective against all classes at further ranges.
  • · Dramatically reduced the radius of the heartbeat sensor.


Additional Weapon changes:

  • · Reduced the dispersion to make handguns generally more effective, especially for the bomb carrier.
  • · Adjusted shotgun effectiveness.


XP adjustments:

  • · Adjusted XP values for Confidence & Hack Objective.


Additional Equipment changes:

  • · Adjusted Flash Bang Duration.
  • · Adjusted Flash Bulb reload time.
  • · Adjusted EMP air burst radius for EMPs launched by a underbarrel or standalone grenade launcher.
  • · Adjusted the amount of UAV’s in match.
  • · Increased the duration of the Sensor to make them more susceptible to countering.


(*) When will those changes apply to the PS3 version of the Beta?

We will deploy those changes as soon as possible.

For known-issues please see the GRFS Beta Known Issues thread on our forums.

Don’t forget to keep submitting your feedback and continuing to help us improve the game.

We love hearing from you!

Note: Some of you may have noticed the periodical server reboot announcements; these reboots are a part of the Beta optimization process. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are doing everything possible to minimize impact on your play time.

aemond - April 27th, 2012

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