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Your chance to play with devs!

Hi Ghosts!

Have you ever wondered how a real Ghost plays GRFS?

To find out and get a chance to play with Ghost Recon Future Soldier developers next week, you have two options.


Follow @ghostrecon on Twitter and tweet the following message:

  • · “I want to #PlayWithDevs of @ghostrecon on #Xbox360 – my gamertag is [YOUR GAMERTAG]”
  • · Or “I want to #PlayWithDevs of @ghostrecon on #PS3 – my ID is [YOUR ID]”



Join our Facebook page and explain why you are THE Ghost.


Get ready to Fight Like a Ghost

Devs will play with selected players between May 7th and May 9th. If you’re one of those few lucky Ghosts, you’ll be added to the friends’ list of Ghost Recon Future Soldier developers a few minutes before the match. So, turn on your console those days and get ready to Fight Like a Ghost! The matches may be recorded.



Straight from our beloved Red Storm Entertainment developers, three useful tips for you!

  • · Capturing objectives and holding them in "Conflict" actually nets your team short term perks!
  • · Cover Swap is the fastest way to move around the map. Look at a new cover position, press and hold the sprint button to swap;
  • · If you Data Hack an enemy, you will gain "Intel Assist" exp for every kill your team scores for the duration of the effect.

Good luck and good match!

aemond – May 4th, 2012

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