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Multiplayer Beta - May 7th Update

The following changes were pushed live last Friday, May 4th:

Weapon Changes:

  • · Aim sway has been adjusted to reduce its effect on high power ("sniper") optics.
  • · Shotgun Stun Rounds have had their effective range reduced.


Other Changes:

  • · Moved several objective locations on Pipeline and Mill to fix balance and gameplay issues.
  • · Fixed some Pipeline map exploits.


Today, May 7th, at 2pm EDT, we are universally increasing the speed of XP acquisition in order to facilitate additional feedback on the weapons and equipment unlocked later in the character progression system.

Check out our forums for more information regarding the previous Beta updates.

Don’t forget to keep submitting your feedback and continuing to help us improve the game.

We love hearing from you!

aemond - May 7th, 2012

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