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Introducing Ghost Recon Future Soldier Competitions

Greetings Ghosts!

We’re glad to introduce a competition system for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. This system is a major addition to the Ghost Recon Network and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

How does it work?

Once a player registers into a competition, the system tracks its statistics in Quick Match against a number of pre-set challenges: Kills as an Engineer, Kills in Conflict mode, Number of Melee Kills, Kills with a specific weapon, and more.

Tournament info will be displayed in Ghost Recon Network, including a description of the challenge, the number of participants, the leaderboard, or the reward. All it takes is one click to join a competition!

We've got plenty of different types of competitions planned... so make sure you stay tuned for regular announcements on our Website, Facebook, Twitter or Google +. The first competitions start up this week on Xbox 360 and PS3. They'll roll out very shortly on PC.

Worldwide Headshots Competition starting October 18th

To celebrate the release of the Khyber Strike DLC, we kick off the competition system with an exciting Headshots Competition called “Headaches”. The rules are simple: target & destroy as many enemies’ heads as you can! Check out this video from DutchyHQ on YouTube if you need any inspiration!


As far as prizes: We'll be giving FIVE Xbox 360 and FIVE Playstation 3 gamers redeem codes for the new Khyber Strike DLC.

Registration: Head over to the competition section of the Ghost Recon Network and join the frags party! You’ll see that our Friends over at have also something for you!

aemond - October 18th, 2012

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