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Multiplayer Beta - May 3rd Update

Thursday, May 3, 2012 11:00:00

Because we’re dedicated to showing you how your feedback is directly helping the development teams, we’ve released a new update for the Beta today as of 2pm EDT:


  • · Adjusted aim sensitivity to improve consistency.
  • · Reduced the ability to quick scope from cover.
  • · Reduced the maximum count of rounds in the Stun Gun to 6.


  • · Flash Bulb has been re-tuned, making it easier to aim but reducing the overall effect.
  • · EMP Grenade blast radius has been increased.
  • · Sensor Grenade detection range has been decreased.


  • · Melee has been adjusted to improve its effectiveness on crouched or prone enemies.

For known issues please visit the GRFS Beta Known Issues thread on our forums and don't forget to send your feedback to help us improve the game.

Thanks for playing!

Note: Some of you may have noticed the periodical server reboot announcements; these reboots are a part of the Beta optimization process. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are doing everything possible to minimize impact on your play time.



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