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Friday, May 11, 2012 11:00:00


“A lot of games seem to either treat their soldiers as over-the-top caricatures, or as emotionless super-soldiers who do whatever they’re told without ever wondering why. The Ghosts are neither. They are elite soldiers with elite tools and technology. They work as a team and these guys don’t just shoot randomly, they make every shot count.”

-(Richard E. Dansky & Jay Posey)

Will we see Scott Mitchell in Ghost Recon Future Soldier?

Yes, Scott Mitchell plays a key role in the game, but he is not part of the active/playable squad. As we’ve progressed into the future, Scott’s role with the Ghosts has evolved. He’s been promoted to Major, and serves as your key source of mission briefing and intel from HQ. He’s the leader of the entire Ghost unit, but no longer in the field. With the physical demands of the Ghosts, you have a short window of active duty. You can’t be too young, or too old. However, Mitchell’s knowledge and experience are so valuable that he will always be a part of the Ghosts. He’s a legend, and you don’t just let legends walk away.



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