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Ghost Tactics #1 – Multiplayer Gametypes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 11:00:00

In this first installment of the Ghost Tactics series, learn about the multiplayer gametypes currently available in Ghost Recon Future Soldier and increase your effectiveness with tips from the developers.



Objectives are randomly located around the map. Completing an objective scores points for you and your team and offers an in-game perk. Teamwork actions, such as intel assists, are scored as a tiebreaker.

  • · Tip 1: It's tough to do it all alone. Coordinate with your teammates to take objectives.
  • · Tip 2: Focus on your objectives. They benefit your whole team, and can decide the match.



The attacking team has 3 objectives, 1 key objective and 2 decoy objectives. Neither team knows which objective is the key and which are decoys. Completing the key objective reveals the final objective. Attackers win the round by completing the final objective. Defenders win the round by preventing the attackers from completing the final objective. Best out of three rounds determines the match winner.

  • · Tip 1: Choose your strategy carefully. There are benefits and risks to either spreading your team out between objectives or concentrating on one at a time.
  • · Tip 2: In the Decoy game type, completing an objective that is not the key objective reveals your position to the enemy: be ready.



The Bomb is located in a central position. Both teams attempt to secure, transport, and detonate bomb at the enemy base. The first team to detonate the bomb wins. If the bomb is not detonated, teamwork actions are scored to determine the winner.

  • · Tip 1: If the enemy has intel on the bomb carrier, he's marked as an objective for the enemy team. Avoid being detected as the carrier!
  • · Tip 2: Teamwork is key to getting the bomb into position. Make sure to coordinate with your fireteam



Siege is a no respawn gametype! Defenders deploy near a central objective. Attackers deploy at a random location after short set-up delay. Attackers win the round if the objective is completed or all defenders are eliminated. Defenders win the round if time expires or all attackers are eliminated. Best out of three rounds determines the match winner.

  • · Tip 1: No respawns means you should play more conservatively. Use your tools and teamwork to your advantage!
  • · Tip 2: Capturing the objective is worth far more XP for you and your team than eliminating enemies.

For more tips and tricks, visit the Ghost Recon Network!



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