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Ghost Tactics #2 - Multiplayer Gameplay Systems

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 11:00:00

In this second issue of the Ghost Tactics series, learn about key multiplayer gameplay systems.

Character progression

The character progression system in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier focuses on making meaningful decisions and granting weapons and equipment that emphasize the way you want to play the game. By earning experience, your multiplayer characters reach new levels, unlock additional attachment credits to use in gunsmith, and unlock new visual customizations for your characters. Experience is earned in public matchmaking through a variety of different methods: winning matches, eliminating enemies, working to take objectives, coordinating attacks, and providing intel to your teammates.


Coordination system

The coordination system allows teammates to communicate their intentions quickly and effectively during a match by placing contextual markers. You can use either quick selection or the coordination dial to find the best routes through the map. After choosing an option from the radial menu, a waypoint appears, directing you down the optimal path to your destination. You can use the coordination system to navigate to objectives, teammates, and even enemies who have been data hacked.



Cover is vital to your survival in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, it allows you to get the drop on your enemies and defend yourself against incoming enemy attacks. Using Cover Swap rapidly moves you from cover to cover, insuring minimal exposure to your enemies. By using cover effectively, you can increase the odds that you and your team will live to fight another day.



Intel is the best way to track the movements of your enemies. Provided by both weapon attachments and deployable equipment, intel alerts you to where your enemies are coming from and where they’re headed. On the battlefield this information is indispensible when planning a counterattack or ambush, but don’t forget that the enemy has their own intel! Countermeasures such as jammers and EMP grenades are vital to maintaining your own invisibility while tracking your enemies.



Teamwork is a key factor in winning or losing a battle in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Teams that play together, cover each other at objectives, provide intel to teammates, and work to eliminate enemies, are not only stronger, but also earn more experience. Helping teammates complete objectives also provides a confidence boost, allowing them to capture the objective significantly faster. When working together, you and your team are unstoppable.


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