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Friday, July 13, 2012 11:00:00

A Cloud Update has been pushed up to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 today.

This Cloud Update includes the following changes:

• Increase the number of rounds in the Siege gametype (was best of 3)

  • - Best of 5 in Public Matchmaking and Private Matches.
  • - Best of 7 in Squad Matchmaking.
  • - Please note: This change is live but will not be reflected in the Menus until the next Title Update.

• Changed the placement of several Conflict objectives on Harbor to improve faction balance.

• Fixed several locations where players were able to get under the world on the following maps: Market, Sandstorm, Underground, and Mill.

As with any Cloud Update, you won’t have to download anything on your console: the changes are transparent and happen in the background. To verify that you have properly downloaded the Cloud Update, visit the Extras Menu and check the version number in the bottom right corner; it should read 1.X.4.

See you online during those Double XP days!



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