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Raven Strike Achievements and Challenges

Thursday, September 6, 2012 11:00:00

The Raven Strike DLC extends your Ghost Recon Future Soldier experience with three new missions playable cooperatively in bigger and deadlier battlefields, a new Guerrilla Mode map, a level cap of +10 (adversarial) and new Achievements/Trophies & Challenges.

5 new Achievements / Trophies:


Package Delivery

“Secure General Kozlov” // Mission: Secure Dawn

Xbox 360: 20 points

PlayStation 3: Bronze Trophy


Tables Turned

“Fight your way out of a Bodark ambush” // Mission: Cold Walker

Xbox 360: 20 points

PlayStation 3: Bronze Trophy


Clean Slate

“Take down all four HVTs” // Mission: Argent Thunder

Xbox 360: 20 points

PlayStation 3: Bronze Trophy


Dirty Work

“Complete all 3 maps in Raven Strike on Elite”

Xbox 360: 50 points

PlayStation 3: Gold Trophy


Maximum Effort

“Defeat all tactical challenges in Raven Strike”

Xbox 360: 25 points

PlayStation 3: Silver Trophy

Raven Strike DLC Challenges:

Secure Dawn

  • · Six Packer: Kill two enemies with a single bullet, and do it three times;
  • · Swamp Person: On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected;
  • · With a Twist: Kill 20 enemies by snapping their necks;
  • · Efficient Pistoleer: Kill 8 enemies in less than 40 seconds with a pistol, and without reloading.


Cold Walker

  • · Fisher Fan: Make 5 consecutive kills by snapping the target’s neck;
  • · Eyes Only: Reach the station without using sensor grenades or the drone;
  • · Station Agent: Kill all the hostiles in the train station without using sync shots;
  • · Handgun Headhunter: Perform 20 headshots with handguns.


Argent Thunder

  • · Swift and Silent: Cross the bridge in under 5 minutes without triggering the alarm;
  • · Wolfhunter: Kill the 4 HVTs without being taken out by sniper;
  • · Eyes in the dark: Finish the mission without activating your NVG view;
  • · Pistolero: Using a handgun, kill 10 consecutive enemies without any misses.


Check out our latest Inside Recon video for a sneak preview of the new missions!



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