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Season Pass and Arctic Strike DLC available for PC

Greetings Ghosts!

We are happy to announce that Arctic Strike will be available later today for the PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. To celebrate Arctic Strike’s release, we’re offering DOUBLE XP until November 1st. Along with this release; we’re introducing the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Season Pass.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Season Pass

Available for PC only, the Season Pass allows access to the entire range of downloadable content: all-new playable maps and game types, extra weapons, and more.

Available at the UbiShop and other retailers.

Arctic Strike DLC

The Arctic Strike DLC package extends your Ghost Recon Future Soldier Experience, bringing you from the streets of Moscow to the far reaches of the Arctic. It includes three additional multiplayer maps, a new adversarial game type, a new Guerrilla Mode co-op map and six additional weapons to provide for even more diversity in your arsenal.

Available at the UbiShop and other retailers.

New multiplayer maps:

- Riot


- Evicted


- Skyline


A new adversarial game type:

Stockade is the new game type coming with the Arctic Strike DLC. Players wait in the Stockade in the order they are killed. A player is released each time an enemy is eliminated. Every few minutes an objective appears for each team that, if captured, will release your entire team from the Stockade.

The overall objective in Stockade is simple: kill without being killed, eliminate the entire enemy team before time expires. In the event of a tie, teamwork points are used to determine the winner.

A new Guerrilla Mode co-op map:

If you’re looking for intense action, “Arctic Base” is made for you. It’s one of the most challenging Guerrilla maps we’ve ever made as we’ve added a third HQ much harder to defend. There are many strategic high spots on the map that allows you to cover your teammates but you will have to be careful if you decide to split your team.

Arctic basePC-small

Six additional weapons:

  • - Rifleman (Ghost): F2000
  • - Rifleman (Bodark): CZS805
  • - Scout (Ghost): MP9
  • - Scout (Bodark): JSG Type 05
  • - Engineer (Ghost): Mk17
  • - Engineer (Bodark): OCP-11

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Title Updates

While many players have enjoyed their experience with Ghost Recon Future Soldier on PC, we are conscious that many of you have encountered issues with the game. Again, we would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

With the help of your feedback, we have identified several issues and are working to address them.

Title Update 1.5:

Available now, this Title Update includes the following changes:

  • - Graphics improved;
  • - Compatibility with DLCs;
  • - Compatibility with the Ghost Recon Network Competition System;
  • - Skorpion SMG, GSh-18, Saiga-12 and KARD weapons are now unlockable;
  • - Improvements for the Friends list.

Title Update 1.6:

To be released in December, this Title Update will bring major improvements including a fix for many issues reported by the community. Main changes:

  • - Free exclusive content:
    • o a special hardcore mode for the campaign;
    • o night variants of two adversarial maps;
  • - Performance and compatibility improved;
  • - Online stability improved;
  • - A fix for many issues reported by the community;
  • - Integration of all Consoles’ Title Updates;
  • - Respec token requirement removed.

Thanks for reading!



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