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Raven Strike DLC now available for PC

Greetings Ghosts!

Raven Strike is out today for the PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. This second downloadable content package features three new missions playable cooperatively and a new Guerrilla Mode map.

Large maps, challenging situations and non-linear paths are the key ingredients of Raven Strike.

New Campaign Missions


In Secure Dawn, a plane transporting a highly valuable VIP has been shot down over a forested area next to the Russian border. A distress beacon has been received. The Ghosts deploy to find the VIP and safely extract him. With sensor grenades, drone and camouflage all out of commission, the player will have to take care of business the old-fashioned way!


In Cold Walker, High Command has tracked a Raven’s Rock mobile command center to the inside of a train depot, deep in the heart of Russia. The Ghosts are deployed to locate and acquire precious intel. Cold Walker features multiple environment types: a massive open environment to test your infiltration skills; a complex and dangerous rail yard for intense combat, where cover, CQC, and reaction times are vital; and more…


In Argent Thunder, the Ghosts are sent out to eliminate four Raven’s Rock VIPs trying to trigger a nationalist uprising in the city. At night, in a besieged Moscow, they will have to use the full potential of their tools to comprehend the danger of the battlefield: numerous highly-trained enemies on the surrounding buildings, rooftops, bridges and vehicles promise a difficult fight!

A new Guerrilla Mode map

In Sawmill, the rising fog is turning the remote camp into a deathtrap. Dense woods nearby are perfect for cover and brutal close quarter combat. Drones can operate in the wide open areas near the sawmill.

Have fun!

aemond - January 17th, 2013



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